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Item #1012

Home is Where the Heart Is

This package includes: Books: * "Growing Vegetables in Drought" * "Vogue Knitting" $100 at The Weaving Works: Get supplies for your Vogue knitting projects, or put it towards classes and other fiber arts supplies. Eco-Friendly Cooking & Cleaning Supplies: Includes all purpose...

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Item #1020

Cherry Wood Plate

Beautiful hand-turned plate made from cherry wood reclaimed on Vashon Island.

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Item #2010

Beautiful Blooms Terranium

A lovely Black House Flowers terrarium of airplants, cut flowers, and other botanicals for you to take home at the event plus a credit to fill out your display once spring/summer blooms are in.

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Item #3021

"Oval Eye" Cobalt Glass Sculpture by Suzanne

This gorgeous hand-blown sculpted bowl by sought-after Seattle artist Suzanne Guttman, will elevate any interior with it's grace and beauty. "Oval Eye" stands 18"x24" in shades of cooling cobalt. Trained at Pratt Fine Arts, Suzanne writes about her work, "Images of leaves,...

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Item #5017

"Week in the Life" Designer Scrapbooking Kit

Two professionally produced scrapbooking kits. Week in the Life and Week in the Life Gray are both included. Ali Edward is an amazing teacher of documenting the small moments in life. Use these kits to record your memories and her online resources at

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High Bidder: Pikachu206

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