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Item #1007

Zoo or Museum with Teachers 4/5's teachers

Museum or Zoo outing with 4/5's Teachers: Teachers Molly and Elise (from the 4/5 class) will take your child and one friend to a museum or to the zoo for 4 hours. Restrictions: Museum or Zoo outing with 4/5's Teachers: Mutually agreeable date. Parents provide...

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Item #1021

Private Art Lessons with Morgan Brooks

Do you know a kid who loves art time? Here's the perfect gift for them! K/1 Head Teacher Morgan Brooks will create a project based around your student's interests and complete over two sessions. Restrictions: Must be redeemed and completed during the 2015-2016 school...

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Item #1035

Art Lesson with APL's Kristine Helgager

Does your student love art time with APL art teacher Kristine? She is offering a private art lesson for 1-2 students working on projects that can include drawing, painting, or sculpture. What a perfect gift! Restrictions: Mutually agreed upon date. Expires 02/26/2017

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Item #2005

Superhero for a Day! (up to 3 kids)

Do you know a child who loves Superheroes? What better gift than to let them be Super Hero for a Day? APL Executive Assistant, and classically trained cartoonist, Nicole Boyett and Paraprofessional Nicki Dyer will create just that experience for 3 lucky kids! On your super...

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Item #2011

Teacher Shelly Creates Themed Child's Party

Pirate Or Princess? Get your costume on! 7/8 Teacher Shelly Frappier (and assistant) will host a 1.5 hour individualized themed party of your choice for your child. They will create/come in character to start the fun! Restrictions: Must be used before start of the 2016...

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Item #5008

Live Living Room Concert with Andy Zook

How does an intimate night of music and story telling in your home sound? Singer-Songwriter (and APL staffer) Andy Zook will play in your home and delight your guests. Restrictions: Date and Location must be mutually agreeable and location needs to be within 50 miles of...

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