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Item #7

"Wildest Dreams" Signed Taylor Swift Guitar

This will make your "Wildest Dreams" come true! Take home a beautiful electric guitar autographed by seven time Grammy Winning Taylor Swift! She is one of the best-selling artists of all time, having sold more than 40 million albums--including 27.1 million in the U.S.--and 130...

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Item #14

"My Dog Skip" Coltriever Mountain Puppy

Take home a new best friend and everything they need in one package! This beautiful Coltriever Mountain Dog is specifically bred as a stability service dog expected to reach an adult size between 65 - 75 pounds. A mix between a St. Bernard, Golden Retriever and Border Collie,...

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Item #1018

Collectible Halo Figurines

Highly collectible Halo figurines in original packaging. Originating from the private collection of a top Halo designer, this is a group of creatures you won't want to miss! Includes: * Halo 4 Pop Vinyl: Spartan Warrior Yellow SDCC 2013 (Exclusive) * Halo 2009 Wave 3 Series 6...

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Item #2022

Exclusive! Rare Halo Covenant Elite Figure

The rarest and most highly sought after Halo collectible!! Exclusive to APL, this Covenant Elite Statue is one of less that 30 ever made for the original Halo Combat Evolved development team. This Covenant Elite Statue stands a proud 20" high and is hand painted to match the...

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Item #5013

French Conversation Lesson or Tutoring

Three (3) hours of French Language and/or cultural learning with Stephanie Schuh - Learn basics, advanced, homework help, conversation, trip preparation, etc. Can be used either as two 1.5 hour sessions OR one 3 hour session. Restrictions: Mutually agreeable date(s)...

Currently: $ 45.00

High Bidder: Ilana Vayman

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Item #5019

Greeting Cards for all Occasions

Wow! Brand new (375) unique greeting cards for all of your special occasions! Includes letterpress designs and beautiful photo cards. These greeting card brands are featured at Whole Foods and local boutique shops. Organized for easy use with a card organizer, stickers, and...

Currently: $ 110.00

High Bidder: Coffee Lover

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