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Class Art Project (6 Items)

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Item #13

"Butterfies" K/1 Class Art Project

Take home this beautiful watercolor collage made with love by the K/1 students. "Butterflies" features one delicate butterfly created by each and every student. These pieces have been archived in a beautiful custom framed shadow box measuring 14"x 20". This wonderful work of art...

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Item #17

"Sunflowers" 2/3 Class Art Project

Take home this breathtaking watercolor collage interpretation of Van Gough's 'Sunflowers'. Each flower was painstakingly painted by a student from the 2/3 classroom and the collage has been customed framed. Measures at 22" x 32" and made with love from our students to you!

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Item #2045

"Forest Ferns" 4/5 Class Art Project

Each nature print was made by a 4/5 student using printing ink and gelatin plates. "Forrest Ferns" has been matted and custom framed to bring a touch of spring to your home! Measures 24" x 24".

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Item #2046

"Rhododendron" 6/7 Class Art Project

"Rhododendron" features individual prints made by 6/7 students. Custom framed, this piece measures 14" x 18". Enjoy nature's beauty all year long with this beautiful piece.

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Item #2047

"Up Close" 7/8 Art Project

A beautiful 24" x 28" mirror features mosaics crafted by the 7/8 class.

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Item #2048

"Our Favorite Movies" HS Art Project

Mosaic topped wrought iron end table features one mosaic from each high school student. Each mosaic illustrates the student's favorite movie and the 36" tall table is edged in copper and topped with glass. Enjoy this sparkling piece while you reminisce about your favorite...

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