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Item #1033

Birch Tree Ceramic Jar by Nana Kuo

Seattle Artist Nana Kuo specializes in artful pieces that look good, feel good, and are useful in daily life. This jar is scored with a copse of birch trees with cardinals.

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Item #2015

Original Print "Wake up" by Mimi Williams

Original linoleum cut block Print "Wake up" by Olympia Washington printmaker - Mimi Williams. Well knowing throughout the State of Washington, Ms. Williams is inspired by her community and the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Her images are often narrative with...

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Item #2029

"The Red Plum Blossom" Watercolor

"The Red Plum Blossom" Framed Watercolor by Jeremy Banks - APL High School Student

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Item #2041

"Red Blossoms and Bird"

Original Chinese brush painting by APL high school student Jeremy Bank.

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Item #3009

'Garden' Painting by Scott Burnett

"Garden" is and original 48" x 36" acrylic, graphite, and ink on plywood painting. Scott Burnett is a beloved Seattle artist and his work is in the homes of many local collectors. Scott is a longtime supporter of APL's work!

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